transgender dating

2018 TS Dating Etiquette You Can’t Do Without

In the world of transgender dating, there are plenty of dos and don’ts that lots of people just can’t seem to grasp. If you want to make 2018 your most successful year yet, we’ve got your back in terms of the things you need to implement to achieve your goals. Time’s a wastin’ so let’ get cracking!

#1: Get Your Pronouns Straight

Forget your ‘hes’ and ‘shes’ if you’re into transgender dates. Stick with ‘they’ until you get to know someone better and see which gender they identify with. This isn’t just a question of being politically correct or following trends. It’s simply a matter of being courteous and respecting someone’s feelings and choices, which puts you way ahead of the competition still trying to wrap their heads around the gender fluid notion. And whatever you do, don’t call a TS person by their birth name unless you want to pierce their heart with a knife.

#2: Get Your Buzzwords Straight

The difference between a pre-op trans person and a post-op trans person could be a deal breaker for you and you might not even know it. A pre-op tranny is someone who hasn’t undergone sex reassignment surgery and is keeping the genitals of the sex they don’t associate with despite the fact that they’re probably taking hormones. A post-op tranny is someone who has had their sex changed for all intents and purposes. They’re probably taking hormones as well to make sure they look more like the gender they associate with. Either way, you need to know what you prefer so you don’t waste anyone’s time, including your own.

#3: Give TS Sites A Chance

Kudos to Tinder, you should definitely use it and see what it has to offer because in all likelihood, you’ll find the largest pool of candidates there. On the other hand, you should give niche-specific sites a chance not because of the number of their users, but because of the specific type of users you’re looking to meet. Browse the web, do your research, and you’ll see that there are plenty of good TS sites that offer exactly what you’re searching for. Open up a profile on a dating app and a TS site, and cover all the bases to maximize your search and chances of meeting the right kind of person.