A BRIEF HISTORY OF SNAPCHAT How it Started and what it’s Turned Into [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered how Snapchat came to be? Well, stick around and check out the origin story of one of the most popular mobile and social app ever made.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF SNAPCHAT - How it Started and what it's Turned Into

Snapchat is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social apps these days. This image messaging and multimedia mobile application stands side by side with other greats like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but have you ever wondered how it all started? You can read a lot of interesting trivia about this fantastic app on every snapchat forum out there, but not many people actually know the Snapchat origin story. No worries, we’ve got you covered. So, sit back, relax and hear the story about how this amazing mobile app came to be and how it has transformed over the years.

How The Idea Was Born

Before you continue your sexting on snapchat, stay with us for a while and find out how the idea of this brilliant app was born. It all started one night when Evan Spiegel met Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown at a frat party during their studies at Stanford University. The three of them became good friends and three years later, in 2011, Brown said that he wished some photos he had sent to his girlfriend would disappear. Now, imagine a light bulb above Spiegel’s head – he came up with a million dollar idea called Pictaboo.

Soon after that initial thought, Spiegel created the now well-known logo of a ghost better known as Ghostface Chillah and the idea was immortalized. The dynamic trio agreed about their functions in the startup firm. Spiegel was CEO, Murphy was CTO, and Brown was CMO. They launched Pictaboo in July 2011, but it didn’t take off the way they expected. By the end of the summer, it only had 127 users.

Right after the disappointing start, Brown and Spiegel got into a big fight and Brown wanted 30% equity. Siegel and Murphy called a meeting and agreed that Brown should leave the company. After they kicked him out, the company name was changed into Snapchat. Siegel and Murphy started spreading out the word and high-school kids immediately got addicted to the app.

The Breakthrough

Back in 2012 things started to look extremely good for Snapchat. The app was designed to revolutionize posting photos, videos, snaps and stories and people started to recognize its potential.

That year Snapchat had over 100.000 users. It was the “bang” they were waiting for. However, the servers became too expensive for Siegel and Murphy, so they got help from Lightspeed Venture Partners invested $485,000 into the app.

The business took off, and Siegel had to drop out of college in order to achieve his dream. There were 60 million snaps per day in 2013 alone. When the number of snaps reached 150 million per day, various brands got interested in the app. During that breakthrough, some documents and text messages between Brown and Siegel leaked and proved that Brown was the one who thought of the disappearing messages.

Soon after that, Mark Zuckerberg offered $3 billion for Snapchat and he was refused. While some people thought Siegel and Murphy were crazy for refusing Facebook’s offer, these two started adding really cool features to the app. Snapchat added filters, timestamps, temperature, speed overlays, and the ability to replay snaps.

The Ultimate Succes

In 2014, right after they added filters, Snapchat was valued at $10 billion. The company settled with Brown and during the next few years, they continued improving this remarkable app by adding countless handy features. They introduced things like Snapchat Memories and groups with up to 16 people and they rebranded to Snap Inc. Today, Snapchat is valued at $24 billion. We bet Siegel and Murphy are glad they didn’t accept that $3 billion offer from Mark Zuckerberg few years back.