Dating A Transgender Woman?

Dating A Transgender Woman? Here Are Some Guidelines

No matter who are you dating, it is always complicated. You have to think about the location, the gifts, are you picking them up or are you meeting someplace and so on. Dating a transgender woman is no different. But let’s make sure you don’t say something you shouldn’t.

What is transgender? It is a person whose sense of their own gender differs from their assigned sex. If you still have some doubts about what does transgender mean, look up some transgender questions and answers online. If you decided to date a trans woman, there are some things you should know.

Meeting a trans person

A trans woman probably won’t approach you at the coffee shop and say directly that she is trans. That won’t happen. If you want to meet a trans woman you have to go to trans clubs (if there are any in your nearby area) or go online. There are many websites on which you can meet a nice trans lady.

Be a gentleman

Every woman wants’ to be treated with respect, and trans women are no different. Act like a gentleman when you go out on a date. Open a restaurant door or hold her chair. Talk about her interests, hobbies, life plans, and not her gender. She is a real person, not a character from a porn movie. Treat her like a lady.

Avoid the T word

Don’t ask about trans issues in the world, you are on a date, it is supposed to be romantic, and not a pop quiz about trans culture. Ask her what she does for a living or if she likes to travel. If you don’t have anything to talk about, the problem isn’t that she is trans, the problem is you are not a good match.

Mention sex and become an ex

You have probably watched a ton of trans movies and you are dying to ask her about her sex life. Would you ask any other girls about her sex life on a first date? We think not… So be a gentleman and keep your mouth shut.

Men and breasts

Yes, we know you love them. And you stare at them whenever you have the chance. But don’t under any circumstances ask her about her breasts on your date. Are they implants or did she use growth hormones? It’s none of your business.

The past is in the past

If she start talking about her childhood and her “before” period, it’s ok. But don’t initiate this subject and ask her what was her name or something like that. That is just rude.

Compliment HER

She probably dressed up for the date, so compliment her dress or her hair. A girl likes to feel attractive and desired. Tell her how beautiful she is or how her eyes sparkle. It’s cheesy, but it works.