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Facts About Cougar Dating You Need To Know

A lot of young guys want to date cougars. However, they jump into these relationships completely unprepared and they often make some crucial mistakes which ends their romance. Cougar dating can be intimidating. These women are smart, mature, experienced and know exactly what they want. But don’t get discouraged. Whether you are dating a younger girl or a cougar, same rules apply. Treat her with respect, dignity, have a good communication and be yourself. However, don’t forget that cougars have high emotional intelligence and more experience. Here are some guidelines which should help you have a positive dating experience.

She isn’t your trophy

When you meet a cougar and you start going out, never ever treat her like your trophy. You didn’t win some prize you have to show to everyone. Cougars don’t want to be paraded around like some arm candy and they stay away from guys who treat them as such. Focus on her feelings instead of trying to impress your friends.

You don’t have to know everything

You don’t have her years of experience, and that is perfectly fine. So don’t act like a know-it-all because it can be a real turn-off. Your lady will gladly help you learn new things and share her knowledge with you. There is no need to act cocky when you have no idea what is going on.

You are not there to save her

Simply because she doesn’t need a white knight to rescue her. She has years of experience behind her and she has figured out most of the things. She can fight her own battles, so do not try to advise her, especially if she didn’t ask you for your opinion.

She is allowed to be vulnerable

Just because she is confident, independent, and strong doesn’t mean she has to be tough all the time. She will eventually hit a bump in the road and she will need you around. When she shows you her vulnerable side, don’t go running for the hills. Be her rock and shoulder to cry on.

Act mature

We don’t mean you have to have a steady job or your own apartment. We are talking about being emotionally mature. Ladies on cougar dating sites are looking for guys who can have an open and honest communication and can understand their emotions.

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