Plus Sized Models

Plus Sized Models: Who Has the Most Instagram Followers

Body image and the ideal for female beauty is rapidly changing, in the last 5 years, so many new ‘body positive’ and ‘plus size’ models have taken over the world. Now what is attractive and considered the ideal body type varies as much as variations come in body sizes. There is no strict or hard and fast rule to what should be considered beautiful, whether its editorial or not. That’s exactly why plus size models have taken over social media where they promote body positive images and don’t post retouched or hyper photo-shopped shots. So when you ask, who has the most Instagram followers when it comes to plus size models, the list is now long and full of gorgeous faces and bodies, that before would never see the light of day.

Though, out of the the bunch Ashley Graham is the most followed person on Instagram for plus size models, there are so many other great models who are making a splash online and in the Instagram world. So we’ve compiled a great list of the most popular Instagram accounts for these big beauties, so you can see just how gorgeous these BBWs are.

Naomi Shimada


She has her own InStyle’s column which you can follow too and check out her saucy pictures where she looks completely adorable. She is a globe trotter and her photos reflect those travels, so you have no clue where she’ll pop up next in fabulous outfits.

Candice Huffine


Candice has some crazy amazing hair which waves just like her curves, and she was one of the models who Steven Meisel shot for a famous Vogue Italia cover. She is hugely successful and got some smoldering looks that can seduce the camera.

Georgia Pratt


She is from New Zealand, and mixed race so she has this amazing darker skin with freckles that are to die for. She also moonlights as a fashion designer. She likes to employ fabrics that define and encourage a natural silhouette, and she designs clothing for women who want to buy items “they may wear and respond to however their body may let them”. She’s a breath of fresh air.

Lily Cummings


This Insta-feed has a lot to offer since Lily is one more model cum photographer, and she posts some amazing shots of herself in exotic locations, jam packed with other photos of plus size girls, like Naomi and Georgia and whomever else she can catch au naturel.

Heather Hazzan


She used to be a size zero, but Heather is a healthy size 12 and she lets the world know that she is much happier for it. She also writes a blog and has workshops which are dedicated to promoting a healthy body image, and to help girls find their body confidence so they can feel good in their skin.

Tara Lynn


She’s experienced and knows how to show off her curves, she’s posed as a cover girl for campaigns like H&M’s ‘Big Is Beautiful’. She also has a great attitude to her body and is multilingual, alongside being a classically trained singer.

Marquita Pring


This is a model that gives a new meaning to beach body ready. She has a killer body that she puts in all kinds of lingerie and swimwear on Instagram. She promotes a sexy and healthy approach to her curves and it shows in her pics.

Myla D’Albesio


Not only is she a smoking hot model, but is also a super talented, since she is an active artist and photographer who knows how to make an image look natural and good without retouches. See her pics for cheeky and cool design sketches, mixed in with some strange humor and a lot of body positive feminism.

Denise Bidot


This new model probably has the best mantra for all plus size models and her Insta-feed reflects that: “there is no wrong way to be a woman” And she knows exactly how to work it.

There you have it, now you know who has the most Instagram followers for plus size modelling, and you can start following them, and begin to nurture your own sense big body beautiful.