I Was A Single Mother Who Found New Hope Thanks To Online Dating

Five years ago I had everything, a loving husband, a decent desk job, and a baby on the way. I was the happiest woman on the face of the Earth. Then, my baby boy came into this world and after a short honeymoon phase, something began to change between me and my husband. We were preoccupied with our daily routines and before we knew it, we drifted apart drastically. I accepted that fact and thought it was completely normal, considering how crazy our lives got, but after a few rough months, my husband decided to leave me and our son without any warning whatsoever. We got divorced and I was utterly devastated. I demanded and won a full custody and just like that I was a lonely single mom. I was completely focused on my job, so I could afford everything I needed in order to take care of my only son. Needless to say, my personal life was put on hold because I simply didn’t have time for it. My child was my biggest and my only priority.

Before I knew it, five years flew right by, and I felt like it was time for me to get back on the market and start dating again. I was terrified just thinking about it. I was convinced no one will ever want to date a single mom with a five-year-old son. That’s just too much of responsibility. However, I couldn’t just give up, so I started going out with my closest friends who were still single and frankly, I was very disappointed with the whole dating scene out there. Guys only wanted to take me home for a one night stand and I wanted someone with whom I can have an honest and deep connection which may eventually lead to a long term relationship. I told my friends I was too old for those wild nights and they understood completely. Shortly after that, they started setting me up with some of their male friends and I met some pretty cool and honest guys, but unfortunately, I never managed to connect with any of them emotionally. I felt like a lost cause.

Tired of my of self-loathing and depression, my best friend Maggie told me I should try creating a profile on a dating site, you know, just for fun. She said some of her work friends managed to find good guys there. I got to tell you, I was once strongly against this type of matchmaking because I thought it was killing the romance, but back then, I literally had nothing left to lose. My love life was completely destroyed, non-existent and I always wanted my son to grow up next to a strong, father figure. So, one night I decided to join one dating website and to be completely honest it was rather fun. I definitely could have used a distraction at the time, and this form of dating provided me with some inner peace.

However, after a month of trivial and meaningless chatting with guys online, I was ready to give up on that whole idea, but then I accidentally saw a really cool dating site and I decided to give it another chance. Two days later, one guy sent me a message saying that he was mesmerized by my beauty and that he would love to meet me in person. I was flattered and I responded immediately by saying that I appreciate the compliment and, since I’m a single mother, I’m looking for something serious and meaningful. His response was positive and he understood what he was getting into. Shortly after we met in person and I was swept away by his generosity and maturity. The day after our first date I introduced him to my son and seeing them together, well, it just made me so happy. The two of them were getting along so well right off the bat, which made me think “is he the one?” We got engaged five months after we started dating and we’re about to get married soon. I wanted to share my story with everyone on Top2Date in order to convince people to give online dating a chance. I was the biggest skeptic out there, trust me, but after what happened to me, I truly believe that nowadays online dating is one of the best ways to meet a potential soulmate.