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Top 3 Reasons why you should date a Biker

Have you got tired of city slickers whose only goal is to visit a nearby mall or spend crazy amounts of money on that 5-stars Italian restaurant? We feel you. This is why we suggest you find a biker match and see how the things can turn around for better within a relatively short period of time. You see, biker dating can be an adventure of its own and these are just some of the reasons that you should consider if you believe it’s a high time to engage in a different kind of romance.

#1 They are Adventurous

And this is their most recognizable trait. The moment you start to meet local bikers, you’ll notice that they always have some weekend trip plans and new, undiscovered destinations in mind and this can be truly refreshing, especially if you’re accustomed to the routine that is often reduced to dinner and a movie. If you opt for dating a biker, there is always a possibility for some improvising because they are opened to suggestions. The most important thing here is that you’re open-minded yourself and ready to go with the flow, and by this we mean often weekend trips and an active lifestyle. Keep in mind that car is not an option here!

#2 They are Easygoing and Tolerant

You shouldn’t feel upset in case you have to cancel your date due to some unexpected circumstances because, trust us, your biker won’t be either. This doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t care, it’s just that they got used to situations like these, meaning that minor setbacks such as exhausted batteries or flat tires and part of their everyday life so they are simply capable of adapting to any situation. And yes, if you ditch them by chance, they can always go and have a ride (it’s their first love, after all) so you can be at peace. This is actually a good thing, especially if you’re a balanced and rational individual and cherish your freedom because there will be no room for drama!

#3 They appreciate Small Things

Often trips and witnessing some amazing natural beauties allowed them to develop the love for all those little things that make our life so unique, no matter how mundane they might be. Now, if we translate this into other areas of life, we can easily come to the conclusion that you won’t have to deal with a stressed-out person who can’t get rid of their negativity. Moreover, their love for life actually says a lot about their general perspective – which is more than often optimistic and cheerful…well, until something happens to their precious bike at least!

Have you already dated a biker? Tell us all about your personal experience in the comment section below!