western match

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Find Your Western Match

Many women are simply drawn to cowboys. They are handsome, rugged ant treat women like ladies. In this modern day and age when chivalry is almost dead, they are like a breath of fresh air. It is no wonder that many women choose to date country guys.

If you are in doubt whether you should find your western match, we will help you make a decision. If you can’t think of any reasons why you should date a cowboy, get ready for a surprise. These guys have some many things to offer, and these are just some of them.

Family man

Cowboys and cowgirls respect their family members. Your guy puts his family first and you can rest assure that he will respect you and your parents too. They are always there for their loved ones and you will be always able to rely on him.

His looks

No, he doesn’t need to go to the gym. Lifting bales of hay and doing farm work all day helps him stay in shape. The perfect shape. His muscles are to die for and his skin is always kissed by the sun. When you add that five o’clock beard on top of that, ding ding ding, you have hit the jackpot. Of course he gets dirty from all the farm work, but he also cleans up very well. So whether you like them dirty or well groomed, your cowboy is both.

They are romantic

If you still haven’t decided whether you should visit a cowboy dating service, keep on reading. You know how cowboys spend their whole day outside, and they are usually surrounded by wild flowers? These guys aren’t ashamed of picking them for their loved one. You will always receive fresh flowers (that is far more romantic than when a guys orders them by phone from a flower shop).

They are manly man

If you are tired of guys who are taking long showers (longer than you), who are always in front of a mirror, who accessorize with fancy jewelry, who scream when they see a bug and pay for their haircut more than you, find yourself a country guy. This guy puts hit jeans and flannel shirt on and he is ready to go. Cowboys ooze masculinity. They are rugged, sexy and handsome. If you want to feel like a girl in the relationship once again, find a cowboy. No one is manlier than a country guy.

Outdoor man

Every girl loves a man who is capable of surviving on his own. Cowboys know how to set up a tent, build a campfire, find their way out of the forest, tell time without a watch and see if it would rain without using any fancy apps. You will have your own outdoor man.

Prepare for an adventure

Your life will never be boring again. Forget about classic dates, you will go horseback riding and hiking through breathtaking forests. With your cowboy every day will be a new adventure.