How TS Snapchat Changed Sexting

How TS Snapchat Changed Sexting for Good

There is no denying that TS Snapchat has changed the world of TS sexting for good. Sexting has become a mainstream activity thanks to Snapchat because now everyone can send their sexy photos knowing that they will evaporate into thin air in 10 seconds.

After all, that was the entire point of creating Snapchat. Reggie Brown developed the app when he realized he wanted photos he’d sent to a girl to disappear forever, thus eliminating this problem for millions and millions of users of other photo-sharing apps.

TS Snapchat has built a sanctuary for all those who’ve regretted sexting online because of their photos later being abused. Also, anyone not sure what would happen to their nudes after their sexting buddy or partner lost interest in them no longer have to worry about this problem.

The beauty of TS Snapchat is that it offers consequence-free sexting with whomever, wherever, and however you want. With TS Instagram, things are much different because once something is posted on the platform and users can see it, they can save it and keep it for all eternity. However, when snaps disappear after 10 seconds, they’re gone for good and can’t be used against the sender. Or can they?

Tiny Drawback #1: Screenshots

All is well in the world of consequence-free TS snap sex except for one thing. If the recipient screenshots the snap, s/he can keep it on their device regardless of the fact that the snap itself will self-destruct. This means that generally speaking, TS snap sexting is great as long as there is a no-screenshot rule that is respected by both persons. Obviously, those who don’t have a problem with their nude photos resurfacing on the internet when they least expect them need not worry about this tiny issue, but for everyone else it is advisable to establish this rule.

Tiny Drawback #2: Infidelity

It’s safe to say TS snap sex has gone mainstream, which means there have never been this many users who are comfortable with it than now. There are countless TS users who’ve discovered their partners are sending sexy snaps to former lovers, while others worry that it’s just a matter of time before their partner strays with TS snap sex.

Tiny Drawback #3: Hacking

In addition to infidelity, there are websites on the internet dedicated to posting screenshots of nude photos without permission from the owner of the said photos. Although TS Snapchat may not be synonymous with privacy, there are lines that nobody likes crossed. Aside from websites, TS sexting snaps that have disappeared are also at risk of being retrieved by third-party apps. There have been more that 100,000 hacked mainstream Snapchat photos and videos over the past several years, and there is no doubt there will be more in the future.

For better or worse, TS Snapchat has altered the game of TS sexting, and there is no going back.