Weirdest Gay Slang Terms

Weirdest Gay Slang Terms that Only a Gay Person Can Explain

You know how you wouldn’t have ever guessed that some people are gay unless they told you they were? Well, just as there are “undercover” gay individuals, so are there those you can recognize a mile away if you just listen to the way they talk – especially if they’re using gay slang.

Now, queer slang isn’t exactly the same as the slang most people use every day. You may have heard some of it before, but certain phrases and words are so hard to understand that even some of the most hardcore gays are left scratching their head as if they were trying to answer questions like “why are people gay” or “what is the definition of gay.”

In that name, here are the weirdest gay slang terms in the world.

1. Lacy

You know when we mentioned that some gay people are so obvious that you don’t even need to interact with them in order to know that they’re gay. Well, here’s a weird term for that, courtesy of gay slang: lacy.
Lacy isn’t actually a noun, but an adjective. You don’t say “that guy is a lacy,” but instead “that guy is so lacy.” The term itself refers to homosexual men who are very, very feminine.
It does sound like a girl’s name, we’ll give it that. But why ‘lacy’ and where did it come from – we have no idea whatsoever.

2. Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle is, for most people, a beloved character from a J. M. Barrie book and later on from a Disney movie. However, when it comes to gay people, “Tinkerbelle” gets a whole new – and kind of gross – meaning.
Have you ever heard of “golden showers?” If not, we have to destroy your illusion that this means being showered with gold, because it most certainly doesn’t. A “golden shower” refers to the sexual act where one person urinates onto another. And why is this important? Because it directly explains what a “Tinkerbelle” is.
In gay slang, a “Tinkerbelle” is a homosexual man who regularly enjoys being at the receiving end of a “golden shower.” Is it gross? Most certainly. Does it have anything to do with the cute and feisty Tinkerbelle we all know and love besides the fact that magical, goldish fairy dust snows out of her when Peter Pan shakes her? We don’t know and we’re pretty sure we want it to stay that way.

3. Zipper Club

There’s really no telling how this term is connected to its meaning. It makes absolutely no sense and the more you think about it, the more confused you get. Nonetheless, here it is.
When a gay person mentions a “zipper club” they are referring to an orgy or a sex party that takes place in a public rather than a private area. The most common places for a “zipper club” are bars and bathhouses, apparently. We’re not even going to try to guess the origin of the term, but you’re free to give it a shot.